For Her

I guess one pro to working odd hours is that I am also up at odd hours, which provides me moments of complete blissful quiet to monopolize. On a string of 5 pm – 2 am’s, you can find me up at 3 am on the following nights as I try to adjust back to going to sleep earlier. On a string of 7 am – 4 pm’s, you’ll find me awake the subsequent mornings at 5:30 am while the house is still silent aside from the steady, rhythmic slumbering breaths of my husband and children.

This morning was one of those mornings. Coming off of a string of day shifts, I was wide awake staring at the clock that read 5:21 am in bright, cool blue numbers. I was too lazy to get out of the warmth and softness of bed; I scrolled through various news feeds and came across a music video of celebrities and non-celebrities celebrating the first female nominee of a major political party. Put aside your political opinions and stay with me for a moment. As I watched this video, I was overwhelmed with living during and being witness to this monumental making of history. Whatever your political views, you cannot help but acknowledge that this is a big moment for our country. I lay there in bed, with my coke bottle glasses, with one headphone bud in my right ear as to not wake my still sleeping husband, and I cried.

I cried at the huge leap in progress we are making as a country. We still have so much progress to make. But this. This is an immeasurable step forward. With all the recent heart breaks on humanity–This. This is something indescribably amazing.

I finally found my way out of bed, and excitedly woke my five-year-old kids to discuss with them this great event in history that we are living. My son and daughter looked at me startled. “Huh??? There has never been a female president??? Why not????” Preach, kids. Preach.

Regardless of your political views, this is a big moment in our history.  This morning I watched my sassy two-year-old daughter figure out how to build a tower of Legos as tall as she is. I thought about the possibilities that strong, resilient female leaders today are paving for her. For her. My little two-year-old daughter with eternally sticky hands. For her. My five-year-old daughter that wants to spend her five-year-old days dancing and coloring.  For all hers that still have their entire futures ahead of them.

My children have big plastic bins in their closets that I once in a while toss in keepsakes that I want them to have when they are older. They range from the hospital identification bracelet they had placed around their tiny ankles the day they were born to the hand-print projects they made for Valentine’s Day in pre-school. Today, I printed out articles about the making of history by our first female presidential nominee, and added this to the pile of treasures I want them to have as memories of their childhood.

All that keeps tousling around in my mind is that this is big. This is so, so big. I have so much pride for our country for making it here today. There is so much ache of the reminder of how much farther we need to go. There is so much ache for all the countries that are far from being where we are.

By writing these sentiments, I am not suggesting you vote for her because she is a woman.  Vote for who you vote for because you believe in their vision for our country.  Vote for who you believe would lead our country with the greatest moral compass.  Vote for who you believe has the experience and track record to make intelligent and difficult decisions on behalf of our country.  Vote for who you believe will make forward progress for the majority and every minority.

Whether you passionately support or don’t support our first female presidential candidate, can we agree that breaking this uphill, challenging gender barrier is great progress for our country?

As a woman who values strength and leadership as admirable qualities in other women,

As a woman who will fight to protect and broaden the future opportunities available for her daughters,

As a woman who will always teach her son that women are to be upheld with the utmost respect,

As a woman who believes in the kindness and equality of humanity,

This is a big day. A big, new day, indeed.




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