Our Magical Spring Break

The countdown began about two months ago. Our reservations booked, our plane tickets purchased, our schedules cleared, and all we could do is wait and let the anticipation build. This was our first year experiencing spring break as parents. Our first year with school-aged kids where spring break was actually a thing. We felt compelled to make it special. And there seemed no better way than the magic of a first time Disney cruise. The excitement flickered through their tiny 6 and 2 year-old bodies and exploded in their eyes and in their bouncy legs as the countdown neared the single digits. 9 . . . 8 . . . 7 . . . 6 . . . 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . .

And off we were, carry-on backpacks for all, two suitcases well over the 50-pound weight-limit filled with swimsuits, summer clothes I scrambled to purchase that fit their ever-growing lanky arms and legs, sunscreen, princess dresses, pirate gear, snacks, beach toys, sunglasses, and all. of. it.

Disney definitely knows how to do it up right. We hit the pool immediately upon embarking the ship and the kids were in insta-kid heaven.  From that moment on, our days were jam-packed with dance parties, shows, outdoor movies, indoor movies, character meet and greets, water slides, beach days, and endless ice cream. Everywhere we turned, there was more fun to be had, and more new things to experience. It was happiness, wonder, and excitement on steroids.

As our days filled themselves with kid-magic and sugar, I couldn’t help but hear my own groans, exasperated comments interweaving with the greater cacophony of remarks of all Disney cruise parents surrounding us. There we were, in the “Frozen” spectacular show, when the kindergarten age girl behind me could not control her waterfall of sniffles. I heard her mom say, “use your words, what else could you possibly want? What else?” I turned around, wanting to chime in, “I’m right here with you, mama! That is the mantra of our trip!” but she was elbows deep in child-tantrum, and I wasn’t sure this was the moment she needed my moms-unite cheerleading banter. So I settled back into my seat, and heard my inner thoughts spoken aloud by the mother behind me. “We are about to watch Frozen. Don’t you love Frozen? We are on a Disney cruise. You have popcorn. Juice. You are wearing your favorite Elsa dress. What else do you need???” Preaching to the choir, sister. To the effing choir.

Here’s what I found out on my first kid spring break excursion. It was worthwhile. It was memorable. I am glad we did it. The kids had more than a blast for five consecutive days. But let’s be real. It was also utterly exhausting. It was overstimulating. It was teeth-grittingly exasperating. There were over-tired, over-sugared meltdowns to dodge and diffuse. There were missed nap times that were always a huge mistake. There were uncontrollable tears to try to interpret. There were lines to wait in with fidgety overly excited kids. There was that time we lost my 2 year-old for those eternally long minutes while we had been trying to juggle five plates of food and wiggly kids around our legs through the breakfast buffet. “Where is Claire?” my husband asked. We looked at each other with that frantic, bewildered sinking feeling. No seriously. I am not proud. But it happened. Don’t worry. We found her.

The anticipation, the expectations that we had laid out leading up to this week of spring break made each mini outburst seem exponentially harder to patiently endure as parents that were trying to create that magical family vacation.


If I am being completely honest with you, the best moment of this spring break vacation for me was coming home last night. I found myself on our tiny loveseat couch with my three kids and husband, tangled under a big blanket, listening to my husband read the very first chapter of Harry Potter to our kids. They sat still, captivated by the words of J.K. Rowling. And I thought with each sigh that left my body, that this was it. This was my vacation bliss. Just being still, surrounded by these tiny warm bodies in self-picked out mismatched pajamas. Doing the most exciting yet everyday routine of reading stories at bedtime. This is what I just so love and adore.

Our spring break trip was wonderful. We will have those memories for a lifetime. I will remember how my son’s face lit up when Mickey Mouse signed his autograph book. I will remember how my 6 year-old daughter smiled so big when she twirled in her princess gown. I will remember how my 2 year-old daughter nearly crawled up on the stage to touch a Disney character’s costume during a show. I’ll remember the gorgeous day we spent on the beach, swimming in the ocean and making sand castles in the soft white sand. I will remember with the greatest fondness seeing my parents experience joy with their grandkids. Thankfully, as time goes by, these memories will be the ones that linger and stay with me in pictures and in my memories. I will hopefully have a vague recollection of the meltdowns, of having to sunscreen and re-sunscreen wiggly arms and legs, of all the bulky bags of over-prepared kid emergency items I lugged around with me, of the over-exhausted tired tiny but astonishingly heavy kids that we had to carry back to our room at the end of the night. Honestly, I’ll probably be crazy enough this time next year, to think planning another fantastical spring break trip is a great idea, but for right now, I just want to acknowledge that under all that hype, under all those smiling, sunny, beautiful blue ocean beach photos, there are tears and meltdowns and exhaustion and hard work keeping it all together.

So Spring Break, we’ll fall under your spell again I’m sure, but to all you parents out there, it was tiring for me too.


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